Sure Defense: Wide-ranging Perimeter Security

The alarm is triggered ‘after the event’. Intruder alarms will trigger when an intruder gains entry to your premises. By then, it’s already too late.

The trespasser has ample opportunity to plan their robbery or attack by surveying the building up close from the outside without being detected.

Allowing such close proximity to the building increases the risk of alarm equipment being sabotaged.

Internal security does not protect the outside of your building, nor any items, property or machinery left outside of the alarmed zone.

An intruder alarm system is no major deterrent to an organized trespasser who can get in and out quickly.

By employing traditional internal burglar alarms, the property owner is relying on the walls of the property to act as first line of defense, when in fact, it should be the final line of defense.

External perimeter fencing is suitable for identifying the perimeter of a property, but unless it is alarmed, it is not enough to act as protection.

You need active, not passive perimeter security.

To be effective against well-heeled trespassers, perimeter security needs to be active, not passive.

Passive perimeter security (e.g. a fenceline) can delay a trespasser from gaining entry to the property, but unless it is alarmed, there is no way for the property owner to know the fence is being breached.

This allows the trespasser ample time to dismantle a passive gate or fence.  Now, imagine if that fence was alarmed. As soon as a trespasser begins to compromise the fence, the property owner and first responders, likely Police/Gardaí, are notified.

The best form of security ensures safety against criminal activity; one that meets both situation and customer requirements. A perimeter security system designed for an office block may not need to be as complex as a system designed to protect a hyper-scale data center. However, in order to be effective and offer true protection, they both must employ a layered, active approach to security.

Traditional burglar alarms and ineffective external security offer criminals’ massive opportunity for trespass; they do little to deter an attack; and they create a false sense of confidence with unsuspecting customers.

In certain circumstances, these traditional methods are very affordable and are certainly better than no security at all.

However, correctly installed perimeter security has many benefits, including but not limited to, increased safety, a more effective deterrent, reduced risk of trespass and heightened peace of mind.

One of the most important attributes to effective perimeter security is the significantly reduced attack and response time.

If an active perimeter security installation alerts property managers, owners and first responders about a security breach at the perimeter fence line, then the likelihood of any further and significant damage, loss or theft occurring is almost nil.

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