Brief Overview: Structured Cabling

Cheerymoon Global Concept Ltd.’s dedicated team has considerable expertise in delivering structured cabling and fibre optic infrastructure projects for clients across Nigeria. Our comprehensive data networking services are cost-effective and suitable for organizations across all sectors, from industry to government projects.

Structured Data Cabling describes the communication cabling within a building. Almost every device in an industrial, commercial or public building relies on a network of structured cabling for power and communications.

Structured cabling is part of the operational framework in any industrial, commercial or public building, so it needs to be designed correctly, installed by an expert team and managed, maintained and future-proofed accordingly.

We provide a comprehensive range of technical solutions including structured cable networking, Cat 5E, Cat 6 and Cat 6A installations. We also provide UTP testing and certification, full structured cabling with UTP and Cat 3, network documentation, overhead and under floor cable containment, communications cabinet fit-out and installation and all general power and UPS power requirements.

In conclusion, controlling access into specific areas of an organisation has become a great concern. Organizations with adequate access control facility installed by security professionals enjoy a safe and secure environment.

If your organisation does not have a security professional on staff, you can find an external, independent consultant, click the links to call or message us on WhatsApp for further enquiries or to request a quote via (234) 806 248 4062 or fill this quick form by clicking on Cheerymoon Global Concept Ltd

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