Merits of Satellite Internet

Merits of Satellite Internet

Internet access via Satellite works by using wireless transmitters orbiting the earth to send signals between the ISP and end-users on the ground.

As a result, the technology has the following advantages:

1. Global Coverage

Satellite links give coverage at any location on earth. A single satellite in the geostationary orbit can cover distances as large as whole oceans or continents. This wide area coverage makes internet access quick and easy despite all kinds of geographical obstacles.

2. Speed

Satellite internet is faster than dialup connections. Although it depends upon the package you buy, you can expect satellite speeds to be ten to thirty five times faster than dialup.

3. Cost Effective

In an unserved location, it costs pretty higher anywhere to lay a mile of fiber. In addition to the high investment, it may take several months to complete the fiber deployment and make it available to individual locations. So, if you lack terrestrial connectivity, satellite internet is the most cost-effective means of high-speed Internet access.

4. Instant Installation and Deployment

The satellite antennas can be instantly deployed and installed within a matter of a few hours. For mobile and transportable solutions, you can set-up and connect to the Internet in less than 30 minutes which makes it almost instant.

5. Reliability

Compared to terrestrial network services like cable or DSL, there is much less opportunity for network outages. With terrestrial services, network outages can occur at any point along the infrastructure whereas a complete satellite network can work independently of terrestrial infrastructure and maintain connectivity as long as the equipment is powered.

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