solar energy myths and facts

Exposed: Seven Myths About Solar

It was easy to rule out solar energy as science fiction in the early days. Not only that the technology was irregular and inconsistent, but also very expensive.

But now with the affordable home used and industrial models that are available with improved technology, people are finally taking this form of energy seriously.

Not surprisingly, critics have grown more desperate in recent years. You are trying to protect a source of power established, or simply do not believe in solar panels, critics were spreading lies and half-truths at an unprecedented pace, these criticism cannot be totally ruled out because of too many quarks out there but with professionals like us all these worries will be taken care of.

Take a moment to read through our fact which will discredit some of your worries.

Myth 1: Only the rich can afford them

Fact: According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the price of the installation has dropped more than 73 percent since 2006. State and federal Government are now showing interests in solar panels and setting up budgets for affordable and alternative energy for all Nigerians economic strata, more people can now afford to install the solar system in their home.

Myth 2: They will not work in certain area

Fact: It is true that solar panels work more efficiently in areas that receive a lot of sunlight, but with the introduction of an MPPT Charge controller that can still harness energy from ambient light on rainy or cloudy days and installing the right solar panels configuration. As such, they will work well in any part of Nigeria and in any weather conditions

Myth 3: They need much maintenance

Fact: Because no moving parts, residential systems require minimal maintenance. The only advise installers give is, to inspect dirt and debris every few months. Apart from this, these units are virtually maintenance free.

Myth 4: It hurts resale value

Fact: Again, this is not even close! Several studies have shown that residential work system can add thousands of naira to the value of the average home. In fact, you can trade your old system for a higher one at an avoidable rate.

Myth 5: They damage ceilings

Reality: In fact, the opposite is true. Many studies have found that the panels effectively protect roof surfaces of the weather. We must also add that equipment, when installed correctly by a roofing contractor, doesn’t damage your roof in any way. You can put in or taken without damaging the wood shingles or below them.

Myth 6: They are not made to last

Fact: As with any new technology, there are bound to be some people who have had a bad experience. Critics have seized on incomplete reports of disgruntled to question the structural integrity of residential systems. Are really hard and durable enough to withstand the elements? According to the companies that sell they are! That’s why most vendors offer warranties of 20-25 years in their units. Interestingly, most have proven to last as long or longer.

Myth 7: It’s not easy to use

Fact: Again, critics seek to scare people to use new technologies telling half the story. Yes, there was a time when you had to be a techie to harness the power of the sun. But because of recent improvements, solar panels today are as easy to use as a microwave, DVD player, or any other appliance in your home.

Now that you know the truth about solar energy, you can make your own decision on the fastest growing form of alternative energy.

In Conclusion, while the maintenance of your solar panels is very important for proper function and constant electricity supply to your home or business, it is something that can be easily handled without worries when you call on us or partner with us at Cheerymoon Global Concept Ltd

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