Suitable Maintenance of Solar Panels

Most solar panels come with a warranty and are durable for up to 25 years before they begin to lose functionality. However, your entire solar system requires maintenance to ensure proper functioning all through its lifespan.

When it comes to maintenance of solar panels, home and business owners have similar questions.

Here are a few and some answers we hope will help you to understand how to effectively maintain your solar panels.

Clean your Solar Panels

Since your solar panels are usually mounted on your roof and positioned to face the sun, is pretty easy for them to get dusty and covered in dirt. However, this positioning also allows for panels to be washed clean when it rains.

You can usually rely on the rain to clean up your panels. However, periodic cleaning by experts is advised during the Harmattan season when several layers of dust can accumulate.

Cleaning of solar panels is usually done by hosing down the panels with clean water. It is important to have them cleaned by experts.

Solar Maintenance Cost

This varies from one company to another as well as what service they offer. Generally speaking, the costs attached to maintenance are small and in some cases; (where the company offers some benefits such as free maintenance) nonexistent.

At Cheerymoon, it all depends on the solar packages chosen by the client with respect to their energy needs.

It is important to note that solar panels are only a part of your solar panel system which comprises of other components such as an inverter and batteries.

In Conclusion, while the maintenance of your solar panels is very important for proper function and constant electricity supply to your home or business, it is something that can be easily handled without worries when you partner with us at Cheerymoon

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